Ratified by the President of non-profit organization «Azerbaijan Culinary Specialists Association»

Protocol №

This regulation (hereinafter “Regulations”) of membership in the Non-profit organization ” Azerbaijan Culinary Specialists Association ” (hereinafter “Association”) developed in accordance with the Statute of Association and the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The regulation governs the process of joining the Association, withdrawal and exclusion from the Association, determines the method of payment of entrance and annual membership fees, as well as establishes the rights and obligations of members of the Association.

1.1 The Members of the Association can be individuals and legal entities that have recognized the objectives of the Association, articles of Association and this regulation, have paid the admission fee, regularly paying membership dues and have passed stipulated the procedure of admission by the present Regulation for becoming a member of the Association.

1.2 Union of members of the Association is carried out only on a voluntary basis.

1.3 Members of the Association retain their independence and rights.

1.4 The Right to participate in the Association (membership) cannot be transferred to the third parties except for succession (reorganization of a legal entity, etc.) in the manner determined by the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1.5 The membership in the Association is confirmed by a personal certificate of membership, on the condition of the presence of a registry record on the official website.

1.6 The Association provides the following types of membership:

  1. a) full member of the Association;
  2. b) honorary member of the Association;
  3. c) associate member of the Association (for legal entities)

1.7. The Basis for refusing to accept a candidate for membership of the Association is:

  1. a) non-compliance of professional activity and/or lack of professional experience of the candidate under the terms of joining the Partnership;
  2. b) discrepancy of the provided documents to the requirements of this Regulation.
  3. c) exclusion from members of other self-regulatory professional organization by a court decision.

1.8 A candidate for membership of the Association is consider to be accepted by the Association since the endorsement of the candidate, entrance payment and annual fees.

1.9 The date of entry fee’s payment is the date of transfer of the amount to the Association’s account or the date of payment of funds to the cash register of the organization.

1.10 The certificate of membership shall be issued within 30 days from the date of payment of the entry fee.

1.11 A candidate for membership in the Association, in respect of whom a decision on refusal to become a member of the Association was made, has the right to re-apply for the membership in the Association upon expiry at least three months after making such decision.

2.1 To formalize a real membership in the Association, it is necessary to:

  1. a) send a written application addressed to the President for membership of the Association with copies of the documents:
  • Copy of identity card;
  • A document confirming the work experience as a chef/pastry chef, certified at the place of work by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head or specialist of the personnel service;
  • Photos in electronic form in the format *.jpg size not less than 600*800 Pix;
  • Resume (sample, filled in the specified exemplar, with a photo in the format *.jpg).
  1. b) to provide additional recommendations and explanations upon request;
  2. C) after the adoption of a positive decision on the registration of a valid membership to pay the entrance and annual fees within 15 calendar days;
  3. d) send to the Association an electronic copy of the document on payment of entrance and annual fees.

3.1 Honorary membership is assigned to the candidate for special merits and achievements in the development of the catering industry, as well as hospitality.

3.2 The decision on granting the status of honorary member is made by a closed vote of the members of the Coordinating Council of the Association.

4.1 For registration of associate membership in the Association It is necessary to:

  1. a) send a written application addressed to the President for membership of the Association  signed by the plenipotentiary representative with the annex of copies of documents certified by organization’s own seal and signature of the head:
  • A copy of the Statute;
  • A copy of the certification of incorporation.
  • A copy of the order on appointment of the Director-General;
  1. b) provide additional documents and explanations upon request.
  2. C) after a positive decision on registration of associate membership to pay the entrance and annual fees within 15 calendar days;

Send to the Association an electronic copy of the document on payment of entrance and annual fees.

5.1 There are the following types of contributions of the Association:

  1. a) Introductory – is a mandatory one-time payment on joining the Partnership;
  1. b) membership – is an annual regular payment, paid by members of the Association throughout the period of their membership;
  1. c) earmarked – a contribution intended to finance specific activities and programs.

5.2 The Initial introductory entry fee is paid by each candidate for membership of the Association at the same time with the annual membership dues. Second and subsequent annual membership fees paid by each member of the Association during the last calendar month preceding the financial year for which the payment is made.

5.3 The Financial year is the period from 1 January to 31 December annually.

5.4 Dues are paid in cash. Exceptionally, by the agreement of President of the Association fees may be made by other assets (securities, property and non-property rights, or other rights having monetary value). The cost of made property is assessed by agreement of the parties in manats. Members of the Association lost their entitlement of ownership or other rights to property transmitted as a contribution from the moment of its transfer.

5.5 Amounts of mandatory contributions, as well as changes related to the term and forms of paying introductory fee are governed by Regulations on entrance and membership fees of the Association and others internal documents of the Association approved by the President of Association.

5.6 Introductory and annual membership fees are used for ensuring the activities of the Association provided by the Statute and for achieving the goals for which it was created.

5.7 the President of the Association, on the basis of a substantiated statement of the member of the Association may be granted a deferral of annual membership fee’s payment for a certain period with the condition of payment debts according to the agreed schedule. Decision to grant deferrals or installments are issued by the order of the President of the Association.

6.1 Members of the Association have the right:

a) to participate in the work of general meeting of the Association and vote on all agenda items;

b) to vote and be voted to the elected bodies of the Association;

c) to come up with proposals on improvement of activities of the Association;

  1. d) to participate in projects and programs of the Association;
  2. e) to address the governing bodies of the Association on issues related to the professional activity;

(e) to receive information on the activities of the Association, in accordance  with established by the Statute of the Association and current legislation of Azerbaijan;

  1. g) to seek support of the Association on the following issues on employment;
  1. h) to transmit the property in the ownership of the Association;
  2. I) free to withdraw from the Association;
  3. j) to implement other rights provided for by the current legislation; legislation of the AR and the Association’s Statute.

6.2 Members of the Association are obliged:

(a) to pay introductory, membership and earmarked contributions on time, in amounts and ways in accordance with the requirements of the Association;

  1. b) to comply with the requirements of the current legislation of the AR, the Statute and internal documents of the Association adopted by the governing bodies of the Association;
  1. c) to respect the interests of other members of the Association, to comply strictly with the terms of contracts and agreements;
  2. d) actively contribute to the strengthening of its activities and participation of the Association, take into account public opinion and social consequences of its activities in solving the problems of the Association;
  1. e) to provide the Partnership with information (statistical, analytical, etc.) necessary for the development of projects and programs;

(f) annually, upon request of the administration of the Association, provide recipes and photos of prepared meals for publications on the official website of the Association.

  1. g) not to disclose confidential information about activities of the Association, and not to provide information to third parties, received from the Association;
  1. h) not to disseminate information injurious business reputation of the Association and not to discredit the Association in any other way;
  1. I) not to cause harm to the Association in any other form;
  2. j) to notify the Association of changes in personal information (phone number, location, email address, last name, working place) within 10 days after the date of changes (for legal entities within 10 days after the date of registration of changes);
  1. k) wear the signs belonging to the Partnership (chevrons) on public events.

6.3 Members of the Association are not entitled to use trademarks and logos of the Association on the goods produced for the purposes of retail or wholesale, without a special agreement with the Partnership, authorizing such use.

6.4 Membership in the Association may be suspended for indefinite period in cases of requirements’ violation by a member of the Association applicable by the Partnership to its members.

7.1 Each member of the Association has the right to withdraw from the Association voluntary.

7.2 When leaving the Association on his own, a member of the Association must submit a written application to the President of the Association and the original of the certificate of membership.

7.3 Not later than one (1) month from the date of such application, to reconcile payments for membership fees and pay off their debt, if any.

7.4 After solving the above-mentioned issues, the President of the Association approves the decision of withdrawal of the applicant from the Association.

7.5 Membership in the Association shall be considered as terminated from the moment of exclusion of record from the Register of Association’s members.

7.6 Withdrawal from the Association without arrears in payment of membership fees does not prevent re-entry into the Partnership.

7.7 Withdrawal from the Association if there are arrears in the payment of membership

dues deprives the candidate of the right of re-entry.

8.1 Exclusion from the Association members is made by the decision of the Council of Association, the President of Association, and also by the decision of the head of the administration of the Association in the presence of signs determined by decisions issued in p.8.2 of this Regulation.

8.2 Grounds for consideration issues of exclusion from membership of the Association are:

(a) flagrant and/or repeated non-compliance with the duties of a member of the Association established by this Regulation and the Statute of the Association;

  1. b) non-payment of annual and other mandatory contributions during the established time limits by the Association;

с) non-compliance with the decisions of the Association Council and the President of the Association;

  1. d) identification of false information (documentation) by the Partnership, provided by the person upon entering into the Partnership;
  1. e) the admission in the activity derogations from moral, professional and ethical standards incompatible with further membership in the Association, systematic actions of a member of the Association, defined as actions that lead to decrease of the profession and the Association reputation;

(f) dissemination of information discrediting business reputation of the Association;

  1. g) causing material damage to the Association.

8.3 A person previously excluded from the Association may be re-admitted to the members of the Association on a General basis, except in cases provided in point 7.7.

8.4 In case of withdrawal or exclusion from the members of the Association paid fees don’t return.

8.5 In case of exclusion from the Association by decision of the Council, the President Of the Association or the administration of the Association, email notification about exclusion with the explanation is directed to the excluded member of the Association.

8.6 the Association reserves the right to publish data about the excluded member of the Association (date of exclusion, reason, photo) on the official website of the Association.

8.7 The excluded member of the Association is obligated within 1 (one) of the calendar month from the date of the notification of exception to hand over to the administration of the Association, Certificate of membership and chevrons.

8.8 Any mention or use of membership in the Association, as well as the logo of the Association after the exclusion is illegal and shall be prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.